Police beat peaceful student demonstrators at Occupy Cal, 11.9.2011

I audibly gasped and covered my mouth watching this. I just…. I’m speechless. Reblog.

at this point is when the crowd should yell “they cant take all of us” and rush the fucking cops and take their batons from them

just because they are the police doesn’t mean you cant defend yourself if you are being viciously attacked

This shit is getting fucking ridiculous. I am so beyond sick of my countries government and police force. 

Public apathy is a horrible problem, people need to see this. 

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A Call For Assistance For Part-Time Occupys

An open call for assistance: 

A lot of coasters forget how exposed smaller movements are, especially in the Midwest and South. Our minority is so small that we can’t be afforded anonymity. An equal but opposite number of individuals oppose this movement, with their hatred and bigotry has crushed morale and undermined our message to the community. Connections between advocates must be made, as some movements survive on the sweat of only 3-4 dedicated people and their funds. Ours refuses to accept money as a substitution for participation in our new democratic process. Several movements in NE Ohio have been the victims of inner-divide and are in need of support from activists everywhere to help us survive this winter. As those in full-time occupies suffer in the cold wind, we suffer the cold shoulder from our communities. We are still outcasts, not enough in number nor high enough in spirit to dispel and propel us forward… 

This assistance can take place most importantly with the open exchange of information, and the facilitation thereof, so that we can be connected to resources we’d otherwise not have in the singular.

Occupy protestors world-wide should remind their families and friends in other states to seek out local groups. 

The strategic linking of social media accounts and development of email strings must be effected in order to improve communication.

We must actively support our own protests, sending out invitations on social media, by email and by solidarity; informing as many as we can about our national movements.

Most importantly we must recognize the significance of maintaining a large part-time occupy kettle… we must be ready for when the tide of discussion, the next media wave hits us— the only way is to formerly co-ordinate and co-operate. Talking about this is one thing, but I challenge everybody to walk. Baby steps at first, send us messages or give our movements shout outs on Twitter. Build connections. Build community. Help keep us informed of national trends. 

Thank you.

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GET ACTIVE: Canvassing Online and Off

While we do get blurbs in the Rep, we really have no media coverage before events. We are last week’s flavor, and until something ‘newsworthy’ happens again we cannot count on them to get the word out.


Online our organizers have done their part to reach out to as many people as they can, but this is something we all can do. Those with Facebook accounts remember to RSVP to events and get involved in the discussion. What does it cost? A few minutes away from Farmville


This reach-out potential is not limited to those with social media accounts. If you are reading this email, you can forward this email. Some of you maybe have lists of people in various organizations you belong to— unions, political groups, reading circles and whatnot. 


Printing is within all of our capabilities too— spare a little, spare a lot. Consider putting up one of our fliers on local community boards, hand out Soros Bucks around the water cooler, hit up small businesses who’d be willing to put up our fliers, leave them with tips at restaurants or leave them in bathrooms if you want to get creative. 

'Circle Two' 11.7.11





SAT 11.12.11 4th General Assembly & W Tusc March

When: NOON-4PM

Where: South Central Plaza for GA at 1:30.


MARCHERS: Meet at WalMart parking lot by noon, just gather in front of Chase by the bus stop. We’ll march from there down Tusc to Whipple and demonstrate on the corner there. Then come back down the other side of Tusc and finish aroun 1:30PM to drive down to the GA downtown.


Google Map:


NON-MARCHERS: General Assembly will begin at 1:30 downtown, South Central Plaza, at 100 Market Ave S


SARTA: 102 W Tusc line, inbound or out for MARCHERS, downtown for GA.


It has been a GREAT week all— at least behind the scenes. We’ve made in-roads with local unions for support post-election. Our reach-out efforts are generating a little buzz, and we’re looking forward to greater coordination at the state level. OccupyColumbus will be establishing it’s permanent campsite. They’ve been active for weeks, and this is a big move for them. I’ll be heading down there after our GA. They are offering gas cards and maybe dinner for those that come down. They do have safe private lots to park in for free. Contact Micah for info.


As winter advances we not only encourage our members to remember Operation HUNGER, our canned food and winter clothing drive. We are beginning the transition towards indoor meetings. The newly established Planning Committee will be facilitating ideas and operations. Membership is open to all, contact John, Susan, or Nancy.


NEEDS: We’re always in need of Soros Bucks, and the emails of people who can be part of a ‘printing division’ so we can send out docs right away.


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Saturday is the deadline for Bank Transfer Day, the call for a mass  money exodus from big banks to credit unions and small community banks. So: How long does it take? Is it inconvenient? Are big banks freaking out? Here’s everything you need to know.


Saturday is the deadline for Bank Transfer Day, the call for a mass money exodus from big banks to credit unions and small community banks. So: How long does it take? Is it inconvenient? Are big banks freaking out? Here’s everything you need to know.

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